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  • I live in The Netherlands
  • I was born on November 15
  • My occupation is Community Technical Specialist at FANDOM
  • I am male
  • MarkvA

    If you haven't bought it yet, Mortal Kombat 9 is one sale at Amazon today, with a spectacular discount of $20! It's a one-day action, so get it while you can!

    Keep an eye on the mainpage for more news!

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  • MarkvA

    Hi all!

    IGN just released a review of the 4th episode of Mortal Kombat: Legacy, a 12-part web series hosted by Machinima and created by Warner Bros.

    Without spoiling anything, IGN gives the new episode a "9", describing it as "filled with plenty of delicious gore to keep Kombat fans smiling ear-to-ear" and "rich with dazzling fantasy and fascinating character lore, it's a beautifully crafted, atmospheric experience to boot."

    The episode isn't live yet, but keep an eye on this page or subscribe to see the episode for yourself.

    Thanks for reading!

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  • MarkvA

    Wiki walkthrough

    April 27, 2011 by MarkvA

    Hi all!

    Welcome to the wiki's first news blog, featured on the main page! In these blogs we will announce updates to the wiki, post news about all Mortal Kombat films and games and keep you posted on any other important stuff.

    Today's subject will be our brand new walkthrough, which is currently... empty! However, I hope this won't be for long as I'm making a call out to you, the wiki's community, to help build it. Personally I'm a real noob at Mortal Kombat (I've only played some of the older games), and I won't be of much help. But all you here are probably experts on it who've beaten the storyline a dozen times. We'll mainly need strategies to beat the tough guys like Goro or Quan Chi.

    In order to make editing the walkthrough page awarding…

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