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Achievement unlocked!

Hi all!

Welcome to the wiki's first news blog, featured on the main page! In these blogs we will announce updates to the wiki, post news about all Mortal Kombat films and games and keep you posted on any other important stuff.

Today's subject will be our brand new walkthrough, which is currently... empty! However, I hope this won't be for long as I'm making a call out to you, the wiki's community, to help build it. Personally I'm a real noob at Mortal Kombat (I've only played some of the older games), and I won't be of much help. But all you here are probably experts on it who've beaten the storyline a dozen times. We'll mainly need strategies to beat the tough guys like Goro or Quan Chi.

In order to make editing the walkthrough page awarding, we'll be awarding 3 exclusive Platinum achievements to the Top 3 editors of the page (excluding myself). Note that these edits must be high quality ones, not just utter nonsense. These achievements will be handed out next week, and the "winners" will be announced in a blog post.

In other news, the wiki now has pages for Achievements and Trophies and Cheats as well, so feel free to add to them too. Also, you can check out the list of articles that need help and add to those pages. Thanks for reading, and see you next time :)!

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