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My Fav. Fatalities

10. Smoke - Smoked Out

9. Mileena - Be Mine

8. Kratos - Medusa's Gaze

7. Kitana - Splitting Headache

6. Skarlet - Blood Bath

5. Baraka - Take A Spin

4. Kabal - It Takes Guts

3. Kano - Eat Your Heart Out

2. All Babalities

1. Rain - Does It Sting

Hi my name is Jonathan Sengsiry

I live in Biloxi Mississippi

I like everyone who chats with me

I'm 18 and have been playing MK since I was 9

Some people call me MKEn. MortalKombatEn. or MortalKombatEntertainment

I'm Taggin

Emperor Scorpion





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