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    Predator DLC Concept

    January 17, 2012 by Mother of god

    I have seen the post of NaveNinja saying

    Who Else Fits In

    Then,i was using the Marvel Vs Capcom Wiki a few days ago and i saw this thing called DLC Concepts,where they take characters that are not on the game and create a moveset for them,something that would come close to the real moveset in case they were brought in the game

    I have seen news that the Predator might be the DLC character for the next Mortal Kombat,since he received a lot of votes.

    In case he makes in,here´s my idea of a moveset for him.

    • Shoulder Blast:Predator fires a quick blue blast from his plasma carter,it doens´t make much damage,but it´s a very fast projectile
    • Clawed Attack:Predator takes out his wrist blades and makes a fast swipe with them.
    • Razor Launch:Another attack wit…

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