One ugly mother...

I have seen the post of NaveNinja saying

Who Else Fits In

Then,i was using the Marvel Vs Capcom Wiki a few days ago and i saw this thing called DLC Concepts,where they take characters that are not on the game and create a moveset for them,something that would come close to the real moveset in case they were brought in the game

I have seen news that the Predator might be the DLC character for the next Mortal Kombat,since he received a lot of votes.

In case he makes in,here´s my idea of a moveset for him.


  • Shoulder Blast:Predator fires a quick blue blast from his plasma carter,it doens´t make much damage,but it´s a very fast projectile
  • Clawed Attack:Predator takes out his wrist blades and makes a fast swipe with them.
  • Razor Launch:Another attack with his wrist blades,where he shoots them foward,it is the fastest projectile on the game,making it hard to block,however,the Predator can only shoot it once,and to shoot again,he has to be near the foe,because he needs to take his blade back
  • Camouflage:Using it´s invisibility tech,the Predator becomes invisible for a while,this move is hard to make,but once you are invisible,you can do all of your normal attacks without being seen,but you are not invulnerable,so it´s best to be used only after you master the Predator skills
  • Deadly Rain:With his plasma carter aimed upwards,the Predator shoots 5 blast that dissapear upwards,only to fall down later,this is a good surprise move
  • Spinning Kill:The Predator throws his Shuriken foward,if it hits,it will continue to spin 3 seconds later,adding extra damage
  • Whip:Predator takes out his whip and grabs the opponent with it,lift him over his head and throw them on the floor


  • I See You:The Predator uses his tracking laser to aim at the foe´s head,then he blasts it,blowing the foe´s head almost completely
  • Skull Ripper:Using his wrist blades,the predator pierces the foe´s guts,before retracting his hands,with the opponent backbone and skull attached,then,he lifts it on the screen,roaring in victory,this is inspired by the way he rips the backbones in the Predator movies
  • Skin Less:Predator uses his claws to puncture the opponent´s skull,and them,he starts to tear the way down in the foe´s body,leaving their front end without the skin and dropping them on the floor

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