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  • Nathan900130

    Kazama Lin is the protagonist in the Demon Rage action adventure game series. The young warrior is one of the few existing descendants of the Kazama Bloodline, and is the 67th Chosen One. He made his debut in Demon Rage and appears in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon as a guest character.

    Being a descendant of the Kazama Bloodline, Kazama posses abilities inherit from the bloodline, such as the Crimson Eye & Shadow Eye. His primary power comes from the Demon Blood, a curse casted by the Demons that were banished by the Bloodline years ago, and thus, he has superhuman endurence, wierd demonic weapons without being control by it, and use demon masks. He also have a inner demon, Amazak Nil, who was an ally and enemy to Kazama. Because he posses the Blood,…

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  • Nathan900130

    Give some ideas! For me: Cyrax vs Darth Vader, Sektor vs Luke Skywalker, Scorpion vs Grievous, Raiden vs Darth Sidious

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