• Nick.k.ferk

    To be fair, I thought I should create my own roster idea seeing a lot of people are doing it so here are my th​​oughts.​

    Main Kharacters:

    Sub-Zero: Being a fan of Sub-Zero I thought I'd make him #1, besides I think he should be the protagonist of MK10.

    Scorpion: With him being Sub-Zero's sworn enemy (And friend see MK2 and MK4 endings) I think he should be the antagonist of MK10.

    Raiden: Seeing that he's the God of thunder I think he should be in the game but less of a role as in MK 2011.

    Fujin: I think Fujin should make a return but with a larger role to make him less obscure in Mortal Kombat and give him one of the lead roles in the game.

    Johnny Cage: You just can't have a game without him.

    Liu Kang: Give him some new special moves and he's all…

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