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My thoughts for the MK10 roster

To be fair, I thought I should create my own roster idea seeing a lot of people are doing it so here are my th​​oughts.​

Main Kharacters:

Sub-Zero: Being a fan of Sub-Zero I thought I'd make him #1, besides I think he should be the protagonist of MK10.

Scorpion: With him being Sub-Zero's sworn enemy (And friend see MK2 and MK4 endings) I think he should be the antagonist of MK10.

Raiden: Seeing that he's the God of thunder I think he should be in the game but less of a role as in MK 2011.

Fujin: I think Fujin should make a return but with a larger role to make him less obscure in Mortal Kombat and give him one of the lead roles in the game.

Johnny Cage: You just can't have a game without him.

Liu Kang: Give him some new special moves and he's all good.

Taven: I'd like to see him in another game.

Kitana: I think if she gets a new storyline she could make a great Kharacter.

Jade: Same thing as Kitana.

Mileena: I'm fine with anything really.

Havik: The only playable kharacter from the ChaosRealm I think he deserves a storyline and to be moire of an in depth Kharacter.

Noob Saibot: Really anything can make him good.

Smoke (Human): I always liked Smoke and he has a good stroyline.

Noob-Smoke(Robot) (Hidden Kharacter And Sub-Boss): I really do think that this tag should come back from MK:D as a Sub-Boss

Shujinko: I really like Shujinko's storyline and thought it was great, I think with a little expansion he can be an even better Kharacter.

Stryker: I'd like to see any ideas NetherRealm Studios can come up with for him.

Kreate-A-Fighter: Remember this from MK:A? I thought this was great and that it should come back but should allow you to make up to 5 Kharacters.

Darrius: I think he's fine as it is. As long as he's brought back I'll be happy.

Frost: As long as she is brought back with a little more in depth storyline im happy.

Sonya: Just bring her back.

Jax: Just bring him back.

Sektor: Bringing him back would be great as long as he is seen as the evil one.

Cyrax: Same as Sektor just that Cyrax is good.

Kira: Same story as MK:D.

Kabal: Also same story as MK:D.

Nightwolf: Add in just a little background story and I think he'd be just fine.


Noob-Smoke: Stated above.

Onaga: I think he'd be great as the 2nd Sub-Boss.

Blaze: I'd think he'd be great for 3rd Sub-Boss.

Chameleon-Khameleon: I personally think with storylines and background history that they could be a great boss despite being a tag team.

Thanks to anyone who took their own time to completely read me MK10 roster.

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