aka Jake

  • I live in Martian Underground,Mars.
  • My occupation is Play videogames all day long.
  • I am I think it male.
  • Noob-zeroorsubsaibot?

    Pyetron wears a steel samurai helmet,a ninja mask,and a rock samurai armor.His entire body is made of rock,and his eyes are made of steel.

    "God of rock and steel and a good friend of Raiden,Pyetron never goes out of Outworld, ever spying the Shao Kahn troops.After the invasion of Shao Kahn, Pyetron came to Earthrealm, but wasn't a good time to come,as he will soon discover..."

    Pyetron is the rock and steel god.As very young,he was kidnapped by an ancient cult in the Netherrealm that transplanted on him two blades and the dentition of a Tarkatan. Luckily for him, the blades were made with steel, so he could remove them. But the teeth were of a Tarkatan real, then they would be forever his only secret .Once a friend of Raiden,he went to Outw…

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  • Noob-zeroorsubsaibot?

    Today,I will start a drawing contest,the objective:draw an rock and steel god.

    The contest ends december and the great prize is:

    I am thinking about it,but will have one,a great one!!!

    The winner will receive credit by the drawing in the character page.

    1.Human Form

    2.Rock Outfit

    3.Alt. Costume(optional)

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