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    Hello, everyone.

    This is a blog about ideas for character ideas for MK10. Post something like this:

    Name of Kharacter: Avalanche

    Origin: Earthrealm

    Resides: Unknown

    Alignment: Neutral

    Weapons: Ice/Snow Bombs


    Age: 1,000


    Bomb: Avalanche launches a bomb from his hand. It either freezes the opponent, covers the opponent's lower body in snow, rendering them unable to move for a few seconds, or bounces up and down and explodes.

    Enhanced - Big Bomb: The bomb becomes larger and can hit opponents at far range.

    Spear Toss: Avalanche throws a rope tipped with a Kunai at the opponent's chest, but instead of reeling them back, he throws them head-first on the ground.

    Enhanced - Spear Batter: Avalance slams them again, this time on the back.

    Ball: Aval…

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