Hello, everyone.

This is a blog about ideas for character ideas for MK10. Post something like this:

Name of Kharacter: Avalanche

Origin: Earthrealm

Resides: Unknown

Alignment: Neutral

Weapons: Ice/Snow Bombs


Age: 1,000


Bomb: Avalanche launches a bomb from his hand. It either freezes the opponent, covers the opponent's lower body in snow, rendering them unable to move for a few seconds, or bounces up and down and explodes.

Enhanced - Big Bomb: The bomb becomes larger and can hit opponents at far range.

Spear Toss: Avalanche throws a rope tipped with a Kunai at the opponent's chest, but instead of reeling them back, he throws them head-first on the ground.

Enhanced - Spear Batter: Avalance slams them again, this time on the back.

Ball: Avalance throws a light blue ball at the opponent. Even though it deals mild damage, it knocks the opponent flying onto the ground, setting them up for a juggle.

Enhanced - Super Ball: The ball can do 5 effects. 1 - Deals small damage, but sends them flying. 2 - Freezes the opponent. 3 - Shoots a geyser above them, dealing slight damage. 4 - Explodes, but electricity flies into them, making them scream in agony for a few seconds (LOLWTF?). 5 - Makes them hum a song which sets them up for a free hit (LOLwut?).

Ice Spikes: Avalanche uppercuts them into some small spikes of ice, and then slams them face down on the ground.

Enhanced - Icicles: Avalanche slams them face-first into sharp icicles, dealing more damage.

MiniLanche: Avalanche summons a stream of snow at the opponent's legs, making them unable to kick or walk.

Enchanced - Avalanche: Avalanche summons a bigger avalanche, now considered a projectile, at the opponent. It does 25% of damage, but the button combination is harder.

Throw: Avalanche punches the opponent in the stomach and rolls behind them and does a German suplex.

X-Ray Move - Ice Cream Headache: Avalanche puts a Ball into their head, rupturing the brain. He then kicks the opponent in the middle, breaking the ribcage.


Eat Snow: Avalance does his MiniLanche move, and then rips their torso off.

Lay Me Down, in a Snowy Grave: Avalanche kicks the opponent on the ground. He then sends a huge avalanche at the opponent, suffocating them.

Babality: Avalanche tries to do his MiniLanche move, but the snow makes him fall down in more snow, making him cry.

Post in the next 10 days, and your kharacter could be in my game! COMING SOON.

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