Age Unknown
Height 5ft & 9inches
Weight 210lbs
Resides Nexus
Origin Nexus
Species Unknown





Li Mei

Enemies Shao Kahn
Weapons Wolf fang(A legendary sword)
Fighting Style Legend
Alignment Neutral

( Self told biograpy)

I was born in the Nexus. I dont know who are my patrers i only know that my mision is....... I forget it too. But in the time when i have woke the realms are under war i dont rember my name... im wanderin in the realms searching for my mision. i encounter the elder god shinok and he put me the name ...... Destruction.

Later i encounter the hell spanw Scorpion. I batle and defeded him but i dont wath kill him. he join to me search for my mision....

He told me wath Shinok was become a fallen elder god

Combat karacteris

He have the powers of all the species and he kwon all the moves of all the realms

Fire ball and iceball: in his rigth hand do a fire ball and in his right hand do a ice ball and trow it to the oponent him frezing his legs and burning his uper part of his body.

Sonic speed: Use his powers of shokans and centurians to go to a sonic speed and then kick oponent face.

Ultimate Kick: He use the Liu Kang Flylling kick but when he touches hes enemy he use hes fire abilites to do a flame kick in the enemy face.

X-Ray Move: finish blow: Miguel puch the enemy head causing a cerrebral spill

Earthquake:He kick the ground and do a earthquake with his kick


Temperature explxion: Miguel touch his/her enemie head and he freze his boby later he trow a fire ball and the emenie transform into water.

Nexus Destroyer: take the enemy's head and separates his jaw from head and later broken his skull and draws his brain.

Hari-Kiri:He stab him self with his bade and after he trow his arm.

Friendship: He use his magic to do a Statue of the enemy.

Babality: He freze the ground and he try to walk but slips and cry.

Charecter aparence

He is a Withe ninja with metal glows and metal boots. the Sub-Zero trident hat and scorpion mask in white

Charecter relations

-Close friend with Li Mei and somting more....

-Friend of Scorpion, Sub-zero and others

Game apparences

Mortal Kombat(secret character)

Mortal Kombat II(Secret Character)

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