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  • Prince Sub-Scorpion

    So i made mre special battle cries

    Kitana vs jade: jade:Princess Kitana Your father demamnded i get you back! Kitana:I will never go back even if i have to fight you!

    Kitana vs Mileena:Mileena:Hello sister!Kitana:I am not your sister never call me that again!

    Jade vs Skarlet:Skarlet: i will be shao kahns main enforcer!Jade: Well then good for you i betrayd shao kahn!

    Mileena vs Skarlet:Mileena:hello are you here to take me back to my father?Skarlet:No im here to execute you!

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  • Prince Sub-Scorpion

    This is my idea of special battle cries in mk9 if there were any.

    Scorpion vs Sub Zero:Scorpion: You will pay for what you did to my clan with your life!Sub Zero:I will make you join your clan!

    Scorpion vs Noob Saibot:Noob saibot:You have killed me once but not again!Scorpion:If i did it once i can do it again!

    Sub zero vs noob saibot:Noob saibot: I hav worn those colors before you!Sub zero: Brother what has happened to you?

    Ermac vs Rain: Rain: You hand back the soul of my father!Ermac:You cannot take it from us!

    Ermac vs Reptile Ermac:i have not seen a soul like that i must take it! Reptile:You will have a hard time taking my sssoul!

    Noob saibot vs smoke : Noob saibot:it been a long time smoke why dont you join me again? Smoke:Never again will…

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  • Prince Sub-Scorpion


    Fatality1:Covers enemy with crystal with his crystal hook and smashes the enemy with his sword

    Fatality2:Grabs his guns and does his million dollars move from MVC3 leaving countless bullets in the enemy

    Babality:He tries to walk buts trips and falls causing him to cry and throw a tantrum

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  • Prince Sub-Scorpion


    Fatality1:He makes his chains grab the enemy and rip them in half

    Fatality2:He makes his axe from his suit and cuts the enemys limbs causing them to bleed to death

    Babality:He starts playing with his chains and hits himself in the face causing and starts crying

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  • Prince Sub-Scorpion

    Character:Ryu Hayabusa

    Fatality1:Shoots Enemy with explosive arrows and enemy explodes

    Fatality2:Grabs Katana and slices enemy to pieces

    Babality:Falls back because they weight of his sword and starns crying

    If you have any ideas fore more on this character please put it in a comment.

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