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    Hello again MK Wiki!

    We had a chance last week to sit down with Brian Goodman, Marketing Game Manager at NetherRealm Studios, and ask him some of your questions about Mortal Kombat X. We also had a chance to spend some hands-on time with the game and check out the new Faction Wars mode.

    The Faction Wars mode tracks the player's progress over the course of a week and awards them faction points for their accomplishments in both single and multiplayer. At the start of every week, players choose one of five factions: Special Forces, Black Dragon, White Lotus, Lin Kuei, or The Brotherhood of the Shadow. Choosing a faction reskins the game's menus in the style of that faction for the week. Factions are both region and platform agnostic, so the wee…

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    Check out the answers to your questions, and learn about the Living Tower and Faction Wars modes in MKX, right here!

    Hey everyone!

    Good news! We may have an upcoming opportunity to talk with NetherRealm about Mortal Kombat X next week, and we'd like to get as many questions about the game from the community as we can!

    Please leave your questions in the comments below, and we'll ask the best ones / as many as we have time to ask. Thanks!

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