• Purple3Cori

    Ideas for MK10???

    August 22, 2011 by Purple3Cori
    • So I was thinking about the end of the MK9 story mode, and I thought "Who will be the next boss character if there is a MK10???" I want to hear your thoughts. (Personally I think Shinnok or Quan Chi will be the next Boss Character)
    • I was also thinking "Who might the characters be in MK10???"
    1. Tanya
    2. Fujin
    3. Jarek
    4. Kai
    5. Liu Kang
    6. Kitana
    7. Skarlet
    8. Mileena
    9. Jade
    10. Quan Chi
    11. Shang Tsung (maybe)
    12. Sonya
    13. Noob
    14. Jax
    15. Sub-Zero
    16. Scorpion
    17. Reptile
    18. Sindel
    19. Baraka
    20. Kung Lao
    21. Sektor
    22. Cyrax
    23. Shinnok
    24. Belokk (might be brought as a new character)
    • Those are the people I think are gonna be in it, but I wanna hear your thoughts. ^_^
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