• Ranksters03

    Mortal Kombat Aftermath

    So it has been 3 years since Shao Kahn was banished for violating the rules of mortal kombat. Many innocents have perished at the hands of Shao Kahn's ill-fated invasion, with many of Raiden's chosen warrors were killed by Sindel whose power exceeds Shang Tsung. Johnny Cage along with Sonya Blade were very fortunate to have survived.

    So we sense Shinnok and Quan Chi are plotting Earthrealm's invasion but like "The one" shinnok can mount a challenge on the deities.

    Whilst events have unfolded Raiden is busy restoring Earthrealm. But his Amulet has cracked. Raiden using his vision finds out Shinnok is the mastermind. He then sends a call to Sonya and Cage. unsurprisingly the latter made a film about which won an Oscar aw…

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