Well, Mortal Kombat has been out for a day now, and I just want to know the community's opinion on it.

For me, I bought it, played it, and LOVE IT!! This is the Mortal Kombat I have been waiting for for years now. Bringing it back to its roots was one of the best things the developers could've done. Putting it back on a 2D plane, improving the graphics, and the inclusion of X-Ray moves makes combat feel faster and more brutal than ever. It felt like whatever could've been improved, has been improved. Granted, there are a few flaws.

At times, the game feels cheap. Not to complain, but there's challenge, and then there's frustrating (aka. Shao Kahn). Having to fight a Goro-Kintaro tag team with only one fighter and one life bar tends to get frustrating, but gives a greater sense of relief once you kick both of their asses. The story, for a fighting game, is pretty good. Basic stuff. In the present, all makind faces Armageddon, send SOS to the past (yes, it's time travel), have the past alter the future to avoid said Armageddon. It does a good job of moving the story along and helps introduce new players to the MK universe, albeit a few things get altered, you know, changing the future and all, but I dig it.

In the end, Mortal Kombat is a great game, not perfect, obviously, but definitely one of the best fighters I've played. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go introduce someone's nether regions to a razor-edged hat.

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