General Information
In Mortal Kombat


Created in Shang Tsung's flesh pits, he was to become his personal assassin. But when Shao Kahn found out about it, Shang Tsung gave Xero to Shao Kahn as a gift. He became Kahn's bodyguard, and after a while, he got promoted to become Shao Khan's most trusted generals. He sent him to the Mortal Kombat tournament so he could win for Outworld, and show dominance over the other realms.


Xero looks like Ermac's alternate costume from MK9, except he was white/black color scheme, four eyes, and a short cape.


Special Moves

  • Stunner: Xero sends out a black goo ball which disables the opponent's movement and blocks for free hits; also does damage.
  • Teleport Clothespin: Xero telepots downwards and appear right in front of his opponent and clothespin him/her to the ground.
  • Ground of Spikes: Xero shoves his claws into the ground and appears right underneath the opponent causing damage.
  • X-Ray: Xero shoves his claws into the opponent's chest, then he pulls them out, and kicks the opponent in the face.


  • Tentacle Rip: Xero shows his tentacles to the opponent and he grabs his/her limbs with each tentacle, and he will rip each limb off.

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