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  • Reptilia293

    If there is a new mk10 game coming out. I'd like to have these characters be playable in the game dlc and regular.

    Scorpion (mk9)-Already unlocked

    Sub-zero (mk9)-already unlocked

    Reptile (mk9) (costume 2 from mk9)-alreday unlocked

    Lui Kang (mk9)-already ulocked

    Kung Lao (mk9)-already unlocked

    Goro (mk9) (dlc-80 microsoft pts.)

    Kintaro (mk9) (unlock at krypt 1000 mkcoins)

    Shao Khan (Mk9) (unlock at krypt 900 mkcoins)

    Sonya Blade (mk9)-already unlocked

    Jax (mk9)-already unlocked

    Raiden (mk9)-already unlocked

    Smoke(costume 2 from mk9)-already unlocked

    Noob Saibot (mk9)-already unlocked

    Moloch-already unlocked

    Chameleon-already unlocked

    Khameleon-already unlocked

    Drahmin (unlock by beating chapter 11)

    Kitana (mk9)-already unlocked

    Jade (mk9) (unlock on storymode…

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