If there is a new mk10 game coming out. I'd like to have these characters be playable in the game dlc and regular.

Scorpion (mk9)-Already unlocked

Sub-zero (mk9)-already unlocked

Reptile (mk9) (costume 2 from mk9)-alreday unlocked

Lui Kang (mk9)-already ulocked

Kung Lao (mk9)-already unlocked

Goro (mk9) (dlc-80 microsoft pts.)

Kintaro (mk9) (unlock at krypt 1000 mkcoins)

Shao Khan (Mk9) (unlock at krypt 900 mkcoins)

Sonya Blade (mk9)-already unlocked

Jax (mk9)-already unlocked

Raiden (mk9)-already unlocked

Smoke(costume 2 from mk9)-already unlocked

Noob Saibot (mk9)-already unlocked

Moloch-already unlocked

Chameleon-already unlocked

Khameleon-already unlocked

Drahmin (unlock by beating chapter 11)

Kitana (mk9)-already unlocked

Jade (mk9) (unlock on storymode)

Mileena (mk9)-already unlocked

Shang Sung (mk9)-already unlocked

Quan Chi (mk9)-already unlocked

Sindel (mk9) ( unlock by beating her  in storymode)

Kano (mk9)-already unlocked

Stryker (mk9)-already unlocked

Kabal (mk9)-already unlocked

Johnny Cage (mk9)-already unlocked

Nightwolf (mk9) (costume 2 from mk9)-already unlocked

Scarlet (mk9)-already unlocked

Rain (mk9)-already unlocked

Kenshi (mk9)-already unlocked

Sheeva (mk9) (unlock at krypt 400mkcoins)

Blaze (unlock at krypt 1200 mkcoins) 

Baraka (mk9)-already unlocked

Cyrax (robot version-mk9)-already unlocked

Sector (robot version-mk9)-already unlocked

Freddy Krueger (dlc-free)-on the xobx 360 and Ps3 version

Jason Voorhees (dlc-free)-on the xbox 360 and ps3 version

Darth Vader (dlc-free)-on the xobx 360 and ps3 version

The Predator (the alien one from the movie Predator, Predator 2,and Predators) (dlc-free)-on the xbox 360 and ps3 version

The Last Dragonborn (From Skyrim) (dlc-free)-on the xbox 360 and Ps3 version

Corvo with mask (From Dishonored) (dlc-free)-on the xbox 360 and ps3 version

Ermac (costume 2-mk9)-already unlocked

Killer Croc (From Batman Arkham Asylum) (dlc-free)-on the xbox 360 and ps3 version

Kratos (dlc for the ps3 and xbox 360 version)

The Predalien (From Aliens vs. Predator Requiem) (dlc-free)-on the xbox 360 and ps3 version

Frost (unlock at krypt 300 mkcoins)

Motaro (unlocked after beating his zombie form in storymode)

Onaga (unlocked on storymode after beating chapter 8)

Hotaru (unlock at krypt 800 mkcoins)

Reiko (unlock by beating him with Shao Khan in tornament mode)

Sareena (unlock at krypt 100 mkpoints)

Shinnok (unlock by beating him on storymode)

Tanya (DLC-80 microsoft points)

Dark Khan (DLC-free)

Mavado (dlc-free)

Taven (unlock by beating ladder mode on medium difficulty)

Havik (unlock ay krypt 1100 mkcoins)

Darrius-already unlocked

Daegon-already unlocked

These are the modes I like to see-

Storymode-Play the story mode-can change difficulty on pause menu

Ladder (can earn mkcoins there)

Versus-fight in player 1 vs. player 2 mode or player 1 vs. com mode (can earn mkcoins there)

Tornament (Can earn mkcoins there)

Tag Ladder (Can earn mkcoins there)

Challenge Tower



Test Your Luck (can earn mkcoins there)

Test Your Might (can earn mkcoins there)

Test Your Sight (can earn mkcoins there)

Test Your Strike (can earn mkcoins there)

Character creation-create your own character and create his/her own fatality, their height, and etc.

Xbox Live-Can play online

Downloadable Content-Can unlock dlc stuff there

Ok so this is what I want netherealm studios to make in Mortal Kombat 10 when they make it. Plz leave comments on what you think of this. Thanx, bye.

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