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  • ReyesRebels

    MK Kast.

    July 17, 2011 by ReyesRebels

    In the New movie, schedueled to come out in 2013, I think it should follow the second game's story, and leading into the third. My Idea, that I came up with my friend is that, and the cast:

    Scorpion- Chris cassamassa

    Raiden-Christopher lambert

    Johnny Cage- Linden Ashby

    Kitana-Sasha Grey

    Sonya-Sarah Michelle Gellar

    Liu Kang-rain

    Kung Lao-kenichi Matsyuama.

    these seven are the ones I really want.

    Sektor-Jonothan Wu

    Jax-sammy morris

    Mileena-Asa Akira

    Sub-zero- John Foo

    Smoke-Mirko Filipovic

    Noob-Hatsu hioki

    Shao Kahn-John Hansen

    Sheeva- Cammie Lusko

    Kintaro- Special effects, voiced by kevin Michael Richardson

    Goro- K.M. Richardson

    the great kung lao-Robin Shou

    Reptile-Keith Cooke

    Cyrax-Pacharo Mzembe

    Kano-Michael Vartan

    rain- James Van der beek

    Baraka-richard Divizi…

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  • ReyesRebels

    KAF entry

    May 23, 2011 by ReyesRebels

    Heinrich Muller. A nazi executioner who was the evilest man at the Dachau concentration camp. He loved to kill those who were considered "UnterMunsch" And wanted to be more inhuman. It was then, a man in a hood (quan chi) lureed him to the netherrealm, and, seeing his fighting potential, appointed him head torturer. By manipulating him into thinking the reich would succeed, he kept Heinrich there for years, until the first mortal kombat.

    Babality: Heinrich tries to make a nazi salute, but chops himself in the face, he then starts to cry. Fatalities:

    Panzer: Heinrich slowly assembles an Mp40, then throws a grenade at the enemy, sending him into the air. He then finishes his gun and fires into the air, having the body fall covered with blood.


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