So yeah. Some of you I talked to yesterday on chat will already know about this, but yesterday this American Internet censorship system got passed in congress, and is now a bill that can be passed. If it does pass, the internet as you know it will be gone forever... I wish I was joking. Help protest against it by following the link below and sending a letter/angry rant like others have. It's a violation of freedom of speech and plenty other things, needless to say.

And for those of you who mainly lurk here and make some minor edits to pages here and there, make yourself a bigger part of this wiki by going to the chat at least every now and then. See how you like it and all. I know others have at least made a blog saying that kind of thing before, but it's a point that can't be stressed enough. The chat's more fun than you know. We sometimes do roleplays and all sorts of things, so stop by when you can for those who normally don't, especially while we still have an internet that's a free place. Thanks.

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