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    Article Comments

    June 1, 2016 by Riley Heligo

    Over the past few weeks I've noticed a great deal of comments on articles being full of nonsense such as how a character should return, how they're bad, how you like them, how you want them to be in the next game. I've grown tired of removing such comments, so I feel a blog is necessary to create. 

    Article comments are NOT for these comments, they're for bringing up errors on the pages or how to improve them, not how you hate this character or how you want them to return. This is becoming something of an ongoing issue over the past few weeks and I'm tired of moderating these sections and removing completely irrelevent comments. 

    I'm creating this blog, simply as a request to keep the article comments clean from such comments as it can clutter …

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  • Riley Heligo

    As the title of the blog mentions, there's been a good chunk of leaks for Mortal Kombat X as well as the story having been streamed on a streaming website, which is normal given the game's upcoming and near release, however I would like to make it clear from the administration that while the appropriate thread does allow discussions for leaks as well as some information being given by another admin.

    The following thread can be found here, while myself and Dirtbag Daryl have made it clear that all following spoilers from these leaks are to be kept on that thread until the game releases, I've decided to make this blog as another pre-warning just in case anyone starts talking about it openly on other related threads or even the chat.

    The spoile…

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  • Riley Heligo

    Regarding MKX

    June 2, 2014 by Riley Heligo

    Oh no another MKX blog, so excessive.

    Jokes aside, as many of you folks are aware, MKX has been announced, but for now may I stress. Please, do not create a page for it. We're currently waiting for more information on the game and when we get more a page will be created. It feels kinda pointless to create a page right now as we've only got a confirmation on the game, two characters, a rather vague release date (2015) SOME mechanics which may (or may not) be in the game.

    It'd also be appreciate if images from the trailer weren't added into pages until the page for Mortal Kombat X is created with a good amount of information, the images can be uploaded on the wiki for time keeping.

    If the page IS created, it shall be deleted with a message in t…

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  • Riley Heligo

    Granted you guys are probably aware, but Wikia is having a large amount of problems including random notifications from wikis you've likely not been on. Pictures are also affected so please don't edit them in or shape or form, it's Wikia's server being a pain in the ass, I've noticed Mileena's infobox image was removed and re-added under the summary "Something's wrong with the image", it's not the image as I've said above. So if there's any odd fuck ups with the images just ignore them, what's more concerning is how long it'll take Wikia to sort it out. I've also noticed some forms of chat lag on other places and at random points major lag outs, again sadly on Wikia's part.

    In a nutshell, random notifications from random wikis and images be…

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  • Riley Heligo

    Wonder Freakin Full

    January 22, 2012 by Riley Heligo

    People we got a new threat spread the word

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