Over the past few weeks I've noticed a great deal of comments on articles being full of nonsense such as how a character should return, how they're bad, how you like them, how you want them to be in the next game. I've grown tired of removing such comments, so I feel a blog is necessary to create. 

Article comments are NOT for these comments, they're for bringing up errors on the pages or how to improve them, not how you hate this character or how you want them to return. This is becoming something of an ongoing issue over the past few weeks and I'm tired of moderating these sections and removing completely irrelevent comments. 

I'm creating this blog, simply as a request to keep the article comments clean from such comments as it can clutter activity, adds nothing to the activity and can (and has in the past) cause flame wars which I really don't want to happen again, all I'm asking is for cooperation with the article comments, if I continue to see such comments on the comments section, I will be forced to disable this feature and it will default back to the talk pages.

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