Oh no another MKX blog, so excessive.

Jokes aside, as many of you folks are aware, MKX has been announced, but for now may I stress. Please, do not create a page for it. We're currently waiting for more information on the game and when we get more a page will be created. It feels kinda pointless to create a page right now as we've only got a confirmation on the game, two characters, a rather vague release date (2015) SOME mechanics which may (or may not) be in the game.

It'd also be appreciate if images from the trailer weren't added into pages until the page for Mortal Kombat X is created with a good amount of information, the images can be uploaded on the wiki for time keeping.

If the page IS created, it shall be deleted with a message in the summary or (more likely) to the user with a link to this blog explaining the reasoning, thanks for reading.

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