• Rosalina Redfield

    I'm baaaack! lol anyways...

    I've got another argument goin on.... My fiance, Joshua, is ranting that Lui Kang is the best character ever, but I've also got my friend, Kevin, that says Kung Lao is, considering the fact that he IS the Great Kung Lao...

    What kind of weirdos am I befriending???

    Could someone PLEASE take a side?!?!

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  • Rosalina Redfield

    Badass video game. I swear. Easy to control, fun, and great realism.

    But enough about me, what about you???

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  • Rosalina Redfield

    Once again, I throw a new set of characters at you Mortal Kombat freaks!

    Y'see, the other day, my friend, Jonathan, claimed that Sub-Zero was the BEST character, but my younger half brother, Brandon, argued that Reptile is the best character...

    ... I'm not the type to choose sides, but I'm sure you all have a decision and a reason, right? :)

    Do you agree with Jonathan? Or disagree? And why?

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  • Rosalina Redfield

    Let's pretend you're part of the MK Universe... There's many different places to go, such as-



    Chaos Realm


    Order Realm

    and Edenia.

    But let's think... Which realm would YOU live in? And why?

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  • Rosalina Redfield

    Okay, MK Minions. We all know about MIleena and Ermac, right? (No duh) Two very different characters in the MK realm... a half tarkatan female and a body made up of souls...

    ... but who's better?

    Let's hear it. Mileena, or Ermac?

    [Just to get some opinions :) ]

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