Dear people of the MK wiki I've thought about the insults,the truths,and everything you've thrown at me and everything I've endured.I know most of you probably don't give a crap no more and probably want me dead,but I'll still apologize even though this'll backfire somehow.Here I go....I'm sorry for how I acted towards you all I have a tendency to be rude,a hypocryte,and just flat out rude for no reason.You people don't really deserve that alot.I know some of you believe that I just want ya'll to feel sorry for me but I don't.Your perspectives,thoughts,and impressions of me don't have to change because I'm not asking them to.Just know I do sincerely apologize.Some of you say I have no life or that I'm a waste of a human.To those who say thing's like that just remember you never had to even pay attention to me or say anything.I'm not being rude I'm just saying take that into consideration.I also know I said I wouldn't come back and I won't I just had to say all this otherwise I'd never get it off my chest.Good luck with the wiki people :)

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