• Scorpion121

    Ok, the following Mortal Kombat characters get in a fight.

    1 Scorpion vs Quan Chi

    2 Goro vs Kintaro (I know that they wouldn't fight)

    3 Sonya vs Jax

    4 Kitana vs Mileena

    5 Jade vs Tanya

    6 Taven vs Daegon

    7 Drahmin vs Moloch

    8 Quan Chi vs Shang Tsung

    9 Baraka vs Mileena

    10 Onaga vs Blaze

    11 Shao Kahn vs Sindel

    12 Sub-Zero vs Frost

    13 Kobra vs Kira

    14 Ashrah vs Sareena

    15 Kabal vs Mavado

    Who would win? All you have to do is right the battle number and the fighter you think would win. Its that simple!

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  • Scorpion121

    Your Fatality ideas

    July 24, 2010 by Scorpion121

    Mortal Kombat is famous for its fatalities. Scorpion's "Toasty" and Sub-Zero's freeze are very well known. Many fatalities have sucked though. But, maybe you guys have ideas for fatalities. What fatality ideas do you guys have in mind?

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  • Scorpion121

    Midway has been making new Mortal Kombat games for a while now. Some haven't gone well with fans, and others are very popular. Well, maybe, we, the fans, can think of ideas for future Mortal Kombat games. What ideas do YOU have?

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  • Scorpion121

    Some Mortal Kombat characters are more popular than others. Some suck and should be taken out like Mokap. Some are awesome and make the games better like Scorpion and Sub-Zero. What characters are your favorite and what characters do you hate?? List your top 5 favorite and your top 5 most hated male fighters. Then list your top 5 favorite and most hated female fighters.

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