Ok, the following Mortal Kombat characters get in a fight.

1 Scorpion vs Quan Chi

2 Goro vs Kintaro (I know that they wouldn't fight)

3 Sonya vs Jax

4 Kitana vs Mileena

5 Jade vs Tanya

6 Taven vs Daegon

7 Drahmin vs Moloch

8 Quan Chi vs Shang Tsung

9 Baraka vs Mileena

10 Onaga vs Blaze

11 Shao Kahn vs Sindel

12 Sub-Zero vs Frost

13 Kobra vs Kira

14 Ashrah vs Sareena

15 Kabal vs Mavado

Who would win? All you have to do is right the battle number and the fighter you think would win. Its that simple!

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