• Sevofthesands

    i know fatality blogs are probobly a dime a dozen but heres a few of mine

    1. 1 Fear the Reaper (sub zero)

    sub zero uses his freeze powers to create a ice scythe and with some flair cuts of both of his arms then impales him on his scythe then whips him up in the air and air decapitates him then he poses like a boss

    1. 2 High Toss to Decapitation (barraka)

    as the enemy raises his hand to block the blow barraka cuts it off then impales thru the foot then does a twisty kick into the air that cuts him in half as the torso comes down he takes his other blade and catches the head which decapitates it spine and all with the torso falling to the ground then barraka shows off the head and ends with a toothy savage grin

    and im still thinking of others but give …

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