You know what I think they should do for future DLC: a costume pack that features a completely original and never-before-seen costume for every character in the game. for example: in the art book that came with the Kollector's edition of the game, and on Reptile's page I saw an image of Reptile in a costume that showed him in his human guise and quite frankly I thought it looked sweet as hell*. Anyone else think they should do this? Tell me your thoughts on this Costume Pack and what you think the new costumes for other characters should be.

*Reptile Art Book

So far some of my thoughts are:

  • Scorpion: Deadly Alliance like alternate where his mask is off and stuff
  • Lui Kang: God of Fire costume based on his ending
  • Kung Lao: Great Kung Lao
  • Sub-Zero: Cryomancer armor
  • Ermac: King Jerrod-esque costume due to his ending
  • Reptile: Above-mentioned human form
  • Johnny Cage: Setain outfit seen in his ending
  • Cyrax: MK:L human ninja attire
  • Noob Saibot: Something like in Deception where he has human skin
  • Smoke: Cyborg form
  • Shang Tsung: His true Demon form.
  • Kabal: Unburnt, either in that cop outfit we saw him in in Story mode, or whatever his Black Dragon outfit was
  • Quan Chi: Mortal Kombat Legacy appearance
  • Kratos: God of War armor or Deimos outfit
  • Cyber Sub-Zero: Possessed by Shao Kahn armor based on his ending
  • Rain: Armageddon outfit without that damn cape

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