Apparently there are objections over how I've been doing things, the most recent being promoting Byakuya600 to bureaucrat status due to MY inactivity. Cometstyles has sent me an angry email protesting this action, calling Bya as a troll, and blaming all future misdeeds (if it were to come to pass - and I don't see it) on me.

I stated as much in my reply to him, but I will say it here as well - loud and freaking clear. I stand behind my action 100%. I am not able to be here. I chose who I (and apparently several other users, including at least one other admin) think is a suitable replacement, someone who is active and contributes positively to the wiki. I told him this.

I will say it here, so EVERYONE can see it. There will be no confusion on my stance in this matter.

If he feels he can run this place better, then step the fuck up and run it. Actively participate. Contribute. Get a feel for the community here. If he thinks I'm doing an unsatisfactory job, then go talk to Wikia and demote me. But if you are going to do that, then get back here and actually run the fucking place instead of bitching at me every time I make a decision. I ain't your fucking subordinate and you are not going to keep berating me as such.

I know what I did and I have the integrity to stand behind it.

So, MK Wiki, was I right?

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