Due to Mortal Kombat 9 (MK: 2011) being in development, we have had an influx of new users on the site. To all of you, welcome.

However, I have a few things to address (and this is for all users, not just the newer ones):

1. We here at Mortal Kombat Wiki are in the middle of a re-organization of articles. This includes reducing the number of images in the articles (especially the characters) and putting them in galleries. If you are not adding an image to illustrate what a particular passage in an article is talking about, please don't add the image in the text itself; put it in a gallery. If you do not know how to create a gallery, refer to the last part of this page. Do NOT put images and videos in the section titles (the text like this: ==Title goes here==). This screws up the page format. Larger galleries need to be slideshows, so as to keep the length of the article from becoming unnecessarily long.

The reason for this is that too many images and videos clutter the articles, making them look really messy and hard to read.

2. Do not add fan art into the articles. This has been a policy for a while now, I figured I should put it in writing so now it is known. No fan art; if it isn't directly from a game and unaltered, or directly from NetherRealm Studios, it does not go on any of the articles. You are welcome to put them on your user page. The exception is if the image has been cropped. No re-colored images are allowed.

3. Do not constantly switch out the character's main image on the articles (the image in the template). A few users have been blocked for this. If there has not been an agreement to change the main image, leave it as is and add whatever image you wanted to add into the gallery. Once again, no fan art. Main images will be between 250px and 275px; if for some reason the image is excessively wide or long at the standard size, then a resizing is appropriate.

4. Images and videos in the articles shall be no larger than 250px (250 pixels). If you see any that are larger, decrease their size.

5. Images that have nothing to do with the article's subject are not allowed in the articles.


How to create a gallery:

<gallery captionalign="left" position="center" spacing="small">



Make sure the gallery is the last section on the page, before the references. Anywhere else is unacceptable.

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