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  • I live in Germany, Vilseck
  • I was born on October 3
  • My occupation is Writer
  • I am I Think Male But I Am Unsure
  • Soul eater111

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  • Soul eater111

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  • Soul eater111

    Fanon GMA

    March 2, 2011 by Soul eater111

    Hey Soul here,

    Kuro has created a wonderful wiki site called Fan GMA. This wiki site was created for the soul purpose to create our ideal characters & story ideas from games to anime. Mortal Kombat, Halo, Call of duty and One piece and etc... Though its very new and well its hard for 3 ppl to work on it. So we ask your help, share your ideas with us, we will listen and please and i cannot repeat this but please come by and help out. And no ideas are stupid.

    -Regards Soul & Kuro

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  • Soul eater111

    Besides, being 5 ft tall & 5 inches, she wears a opened coat with light blue trimmings and the coat itself is white, she has long yellow hair, she sometimes wears her templar helmet, she most of the time wears a white skirt with blue trims and white long blue pants. She also carries a giant cross on her back and a sword on her waist belt. Her knight armor she only wears during dances or meetings and sometimes battle. She has light sliver chest plate with a bright blue crystal in the middle of the chest plate, she wears sliver grieves with small spikes coming out of the knee-caps (pants), she wears sliver gaunlets, a light blue cape, a light sliver helement that completly hides her face, it has 7 holes in the front (so she can see) at the b…

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  • Soul eater111

    Well, i was playing this game, and it just gave me a crazy bunch of new fatilaiys ideas. So i am hoping this would help out.

    The only thing about it is that it deals with Noob Saibot (but in here he's beast )

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