• SpineRipper

    Hello. I am SpineRipper. I am working on a Mortal Kombat fan movie right now called by the codename "The Spine Rip". The movie is mainly about Sub-Zero and now called, Noob Saibot. I have not started the script yet, although i just finished a fact board about Noob and Sub-Zero. The fact board basically tells everything known in Sub-Zero's and Noob's life.

    Now i give you the chance to participate in the movie! Since i have no team yet, (and i'm not very good at writing scripts) i'll give you the chance to send me ideas and help me write the script!

    Here are the rules on ideas and scripts:

    1. Warning! This movie's timeline is from MK1 to MK3, so no stuff that is related to something that happened after this period! (UMK3 counts as MK3 too.)

    2. P…

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