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    Dollie may appear cheerful and innocent, but several underlying mental issues are present. Her pleasure in killing and disregard for life stem from her demonic heritage, but she prefers to kill with a smile. She has the mentality of a small girl, while the seductive attire of a bombastic woman.

    Dollie's story begins with a little girl, who watched her whole family be murdered, before being slaughtered herself. Her soul descended to the Netherrealm, where Quan Chi did his usual mind games. He made her a personal demon, and treated her like his own daughter, being sure to retain her child-like state of mind.

    A demon from the pits of the Netherrealm, Dollie certainly does not appear how you would least not at first. Possessing an inn…

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    Karmilla is seductive and cruel to everyone she crosses. She loves to toy with people's emotions, and has an extreme superiority complex. Her total disregard for human life and cold demeanor make for several broken hearts...and limbs.

    It's not so sure when and where Karmilla was born or when and where she died, but simple memories from her old life still remain. Born to an extremely poor family, Karmilla was forced out onto the streets where she became a prostitute. However, she got caught up with the wrong client and was brutally murdered. Her soul descended to the Netherrealm, where she was given a second chance.

    Quan Chi gave her a new, sexier form and gave her a job. If she succeeded in mudering Kahn, she would rule by Quan Chi's side. K…

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    As Bethani, she was cheerful and seemingly content. However, beneath the surdace lurked feelings of guilt and depression, fueled from her "imperfection". Bethani's sole existence seemed to revolve around pleasing others, and when she learned of her destiny, she was relieved to not have to hold back anymore.

    As Bastyt, she is sarcastic and rude. She has little regard for human life, and shows no shame in flirting with her victims before slicing them to ribbons. Even in her new existance, depression follows her due to still only existing for others, and she longs to just have her own goals and be her own person.

    Bethani Hills, a college student, was on vacation in Egypt, exploring on her own. Finding her way into one of the sacred pyramids, sh…

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    Well, since the first one was such a voltageous fail, they should make an even better one! I stayed up all night thinking of this AWESOME story, so no harsh words or critique, plz!! ^_^

    Well, first off, NO BLOOD. I liked that about the first one, it was the only good part, after all. Blood and gore is icky, why would anyone want too see that?

    NO SPECIAL MOVES! If you want to win, you have to use combos. I'm tired of spammers.

    MODEST CLOTHES AND SMALLER BOOBS. Seriously? Why would the girls wear those skimpy outfits to begin with? It's gross the way they flap their breats around.

    Now for the story:

    Well, Wonder Woman and Kitana have become great friends, and they do everything together. Soon, they develop feelings for one another. The MK people …

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    Everyone else was doing it, so I just went with the flow.


    Everyone in MK9







    Li Mei

    Bo'Rai Cho




    With Kahn, Tsung and Sindel all dead, a power struggle outbreaks in Outworld. All of Kahn's former followers are fighting over the throne. Seeing this an oppurtunity to complete his task and kill Raiden, Quan Chi makes his own tournament, the reward being Outworld's throne. The competetors included: Baraka, Mileena, Skarlet, Reptile, Kano, Scorpion and Quan Chi himself. Of course, this wasn't his goal, Chi invited Raiden, Sonya and Johnny to join the tournament. Raiden requested that if Earthrealm won, that all warriors that fought for Earthrealm would be ressurected and that he got to choose Outworl…

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