Well, since the first one was such a voltageous fail, they should make an even better one! I stayed up all night thinking of this AWESOME story, so no harsh words or critique, plz!! ^_^

Well, first off, NO BLOOD. I liked that about the first one, it was the only good part, after all. Blood and gore is icky, why would anyone want too see that?

NO SPECIAL MOVES! If you want to win, you have to use combos. I'm tired of spammers.

MODEST CLOTHES AND SMALLER BOOBS. Seriously? Why would the girls wear those skimpy outfits to begin with? It's gross the way they flap their breats around.

Now for the story:

Well, Wonder Woman and Kitana have become great friends, and they do everything together. Soon, they develop feelings for one another. The MK people don't like their relationship, but the DC people are all for it. (Ivy and Harley, anyone?) So, it starts another war. So then, Kahn and Darkseid get together and decide to merge again. But then something goes wrong and they merge with Kitana and Wonder instead, forming Wonder Darkwoman and Shao Kitahna. These two beings fuse, forming Wonder Shao Kitahna Darkwoman. So they proceed to destroy the universe until Superman and Sub-Zero try to stop them. But then, WSKD absorbs them, making a terrible being known as Sub-Wonder Supershao Kitahna Darkwoman. But then the Rage comes and consumes them, and he/she/it goes on a wild rampage. So then Godzilla tries to stop them and teams up with Mothra and they get absorbed and they die. The Monster that is formed is known simply as "The Giant, Ravaging Mutant, Winged Beast Known as Sub-Wonder Supershao Kitahna Darkwomanzilla". It destroys the entire universe and everyone dies. That is, until, it is restored by a cult known as the Beings of Light. The End.

I hope you enjoyed this! I worked SO hard on it!!!! Don't forget to comment, and remember, no harsh words or anything you stupid trolls. Seriously, get a life you fools. GOASH.

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