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  • StrykerIsUnderrated

    A lot of people say they dont like him because he has no super powers and doesnt belong in MK. But i think he's extremely cool and one of my top favorite characters. He has no superpowers; Hes a human swat team guy, yet he can STILL beat up people who have super natural abilities, FFS he was able to defeat KINTARO and ERMAC,  and reptile, a mean, a huge shokan who breathes fire with 4 arms, and a telekinetic psychic, i mean cmon, he STILL can beat them up with no super natural abilities, who doesnt the bada**ness in that? Hes an awsome character and im glad they have him in mk9 and i hate who theyre most likely not gonna have him in mk10. he is super awsome and i use him alot in mk9, he has a lot of great long chain combos if u study him. 

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