Hey guys, been a while since my last post but eh I figured why not do another?

So I noticed the newish poll, I say newish cause I am unsure as to how recently it was posted, but yeah. It asks which Mortal Kombat game you think is best. And as I posted my favorite I noticed the results and how MK9 is clearly winning by a landslide.

Now don't get me wrong, MK9 is without a doubt a fantastic game and is probably the best Mortal Kombat to date, but it definitely isn't my favorite, it's not what I played when I was younger and I don't get that huge nostalgic feeling when I play it, (well maybe a small hint of nostalgia lol). I think it just bothered me a little bit for some reason because I felt MK II and III were great games as well and that people looked at the question as "Which MK game is best" instead of "Which MK game is your favorite"

But I mean hey thats just what I thought guys

What are your guys's opinions?

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