So I guess since this is here I could start some blog posts. I guess maybe I'll do my oppinon on the new MK games and such and things like that. Maybe if i get enough people to comment I'll do it kinda regularly? Anywho here we go.

So the new character designs, honestly theres really only one or two I don't care for. Those to being Kintaro and Smoke.

Honestly though even though I don't like the Smoke design, I think it is cool to see him really develope and mature as his own character like we have seen with many of the other "pallette swapping ninjas". I think what bothers me most about smoke , like most, is his hair. Maybe it will look better if it's down so I don't know yet.

Kintaro however, I don't know something about it just doesn't feel right.

Either way everyone else I think looks amazing. I LOVE that Kabal is mutilated(wrong word?) ALL over his body. Reptile looks like a reptile but still keeps that "ninja" look and feel to him. I don't think Noob Saibot has EVER looked cooler, and I love the new Cyber Sub Zero I think his story has a lot of potential to be awesome. What can I say? The New designs are fantastic and I can't wait, what do you guys think?

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