What is up with the activity rate on this wiki, I mean it's like one edit every 3 hours!? I remembered a time when the wiki was thriving with people that were constantly contributing and chatting on this wiki and now it's pretty much empty, and the very few people on the wiki are hardly even editing. I know there is not that much to be done, but there is always stuff to be done and stuff to change.

For example: An issue that would constanty come up when I was on the wiki was Allies and Enemies which has still not been fixed, which can be noticed easilly by seeing that a lot of characters have tons of allies that they haven't even met and the same with enemies.

And yet I am sure that there is still very many other things that need to be fixed on the wiki other than just these.

And what ever happened to people that get on the wiki just to go in to chat with other people, I mean what ever happened to that?

So is this is just a recent thing, or a thing that has been going for some time.

If it has been going on for a while then I ask of all of you just to give a bit more effort, and interact with each other just a bit more, PLEASE!!!!

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