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  • Sub-scorpion

    • Kunai Throw: Shadow throws a few Kunais at the enemy.
    • Caltrops: Shadow throws Caltrops on the ground, disabling the enemy for a short time.
    • Toxic Teleport: Shadow throws a smoke bomb on the ground which causes the opponent to cough while Shadow appears behind them.
    • Ninja Speed: Shadow runs over the enemy at a really high speed.
    • Dark Throw: Shadow would throw the opponent on the ground, while leaving a dark misty trail.
    • Manriki Whip: Shadow is able to use his chain whip to attack his opponent in mid-range.

    • Body Breaker: Shadow kicks his opponent in the torso, making the opponent bend over, then jumps onto the opponent's back, breaking it, then twist the oppoenent's neck.

    • Shuriken Slice: Shadow throws 3 shurikens 3 times, one to slice one of the ar…

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  • Sub-scorpion


    July 25, 2010 by Sub-scorpion

    If you could kreate a kharacter in a MK, what could it be? (this is similar to the feature Kreate-a-Fighter in MKA)

    Needed Components

    • a list of special moves (at least 3)
    • fatality (at least 1)
    • Name
    • Species
    • Origin
    • Resides to what realm
    • Alignment
    • A brief description of his/her appearance (you can do a detailed description if you want)


    • Stance
    • Age
    • Weight
    • Height
    • Taunt
    • Weapon(s)
    • Enemies and Allies
    • Image
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