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    Mortal Kombat X's roster at E3 2014 only had 24 character slots, but according to, we will be getting more than that. We already knew the roster wasn't final, with the character silhouettes being place holders, and the fact that since the game isn't finished, there could always be more. But Polygon released an article about the game, in the article, it says this:

    "Boon says Mortal Kombat X will have a roster at least as big as the last Mortal Kombat — which shipped with nearly 30 fighters — and that "obviously" downloadable characters will follow."

    This is awesome, because I really was only expecting 24. I knew that would make since, because when Injustice's roster was shown, there was 24 slots, and 24 characters made it into the…

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    Smoke may, or may not have been spotted on Mortal Kombat X's character select screen. A thread on Test Your Might was posted, and showed a image of one of Kotal Kahn's variations called "Sun God". When you are selecting a variation, it shows an animation of something that variation can do, and in Kotal Kahn's case, it did. It shows him picking up someone, and slamming them into the ground. But that isn't the thing, the person he was picking up was grey, and had smoke coming out of his hands. A user on Test Your Might called "Zmoke" also gave some convincing evidence on why he thinks it's Smoke:

    1. 1 Your opponent doesn't leave a trail of smoke normally when he/she is thrown, as seen in E3 gameplay.
    2. 2 The unknown figure leaves two gray trails of…

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    TRMK got to interview Ed Boon, during the interview, Ed gave us some new details on MKX. One of the new details was about weather or not we will see a Mortal Kombat 4 character in Mortal Kombat X.


    "Fans expect this game to follow the storyline of MK4 and beyond, but it looks like you are taking the story in another direction. Will fans see some familiar faces from the series they haven’t seen yet in MK9?"

    Ed Boon:

    "You will definitely see a Mortal Kombat 4 character, I believe that's the first time I've said that. You will also see some of the later game's fighters. You'll also see cameo's in the story mode. Some really fun ones."

    So, basically, we WILL be getting at least one MK4 character, as well as some characters from the later games …

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    With Mortal Kombat X konfirmed (which is said like "Eks", according to Ed Boon), our excitement levels our over 9000. Which means, we like to talk about Mortal Kombat X. And so, this is something talking about it. More specifically, what I would like to see in MKX!.

    This blog will be updated through out time. I will try to update it every day, adding more stuff. Feel free to talk about what you would like to see in MKX below.

    V.2: UPDATED! This Wishlist is now "V.2" and has got some changes. More to come...

    MKX is said to have "at least" as many characters that Mortal Kombat 2011 (aka MK9) had. MK9 had 27 characters (28 if you include Kratos in the PlayStation versions of the game). I think we will be getting at least 28 characters, but I thin…

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    HOLY CRAP! I'M SO EXCITED!! I am going to rewatch this trailer OVER AND OVEER! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ed Boon just announced it after about 100 tweets of teasing it! Here's the image and trailer! (O_O)

    Trailer: Mortal Kombat: Shinnok's Uprising Announcement Trailer - YouTube

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