Jason Voorhees

Well, we already have Freddy Krueger... But it is not certain if he was the last DLC. And where there is Freddy, there is JASON! I love Jason, when I think of horror, my head immediately shouts Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and Chucky <-- That guy used to freak me out all the times! -- I made sketches and Now I start a campaign: Jason Voorhees for Mortal Kombat!

Jason and Freddy

This is a sketch I made during History Klass.
Mortal Kombat Horror 2

Oh come on, who does not want this? Freddy Krueger vs. Jason Voorhees on Mortal Kombat. It should give Mortal Kombat more publicity either. I hope you think so too, sorry for bad quality / light. But it is obvious to see what this is. Jason's Vs. Screen -->

Mortal Kombat Horror 4

Jason Damage and other Stuff

Jason Models

  • On the left side you see Jason's usual costume, which he uses during kombat and gameplay of course.
  • Next to him is his Machete
  • Beneath it is his Baby Form
  • To the right of both the machete and babality is his Fully Damage form ( Toggled Damage ).
  • To the right of his Full Damaged form is his Damaged Mask + Face, zoomed in.
  • On the Background the combination of Mortal Kombat and Friday the 13th: The Mortal Kombat Logo and the XIII, as in Friday XIII of course.

Jason vs. Freddy 3

This explains itself, Freddy encounters and confronts Freddy Krueger,

Mortal Kombat Horror 3
battle between two Immortal Demons has begun. Jason's Machete vs Freddy's Razor-bladed Gloves. A battle until death. On the upper left, a Jason vs Freddy cartoon, with the Mortal Kombat logo on the back. It would be a good poster on the subway I think. Who will win? Jason vs. Freddy 3! Jason should be a good DLC character I think, he has a Machete that can pierce and slice everything. He only needs some mystical power, like something undead. Stay tuned there's some more. I also made his bio!

A New Horror has arisen from Hell

What didn't work on his partner Stryker, did work on Kabal. Kabal is now, thanks to Johnny Cage, the horror movie star of Hollywood. With his remarkable Hookswords he chokes everyone to death.

Mortal Kombat Horror 1

Johnny Cage: He was like many usual adolescents, loll about and take risks. But one day, he and his friends went a step too far, and killed 13 innocent citizens. As the police arrived, he was blamed the murder on and paid for his deed: with his life. Years of torture followed in the bowels of the Netherrealm as he escaped and slew his jailors. Using artificial enhancements to keep him alive on Earth, he uses his Hookswords to kill his betrayers, and make them suffer as he did, one-by-one.

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