We all know the hatred between Scorpion an Sub-Zero, with both willing to avenge their pain by killing each other. But I ask you all, who does actually deserve their revenge? I have written down arguments at both sides so you can decide which one should be the victor.


  1. He was killed by the elder Sub-Zero, avenged his death by killing him but it did never relief his pain.
  2. As a result of his murder, the Shirai Ryu Clan along with his family was killed (by Quan Chi disguised as Sub-Zero. He blamed him, yet Scorpion would not find out it wás Quan Chi until the events of MK4).
  3. Argument 2 also left him no allies.
  4. He had to spend periods of torture in the Netherrealm.

This is the pain that could enrage Scorpion in battle


  1. His brother was killed by Scorpion.
  2. His partner Smoke was unwillingly turned into a Cyborg, who would hunt him down (agrument against LK).
  3. He was never trusted by the behaving of his brother (More an argument against his brother) and therefore everything was blamed on him.

Sorry, there must be more reasons. Please tell me, I forgot them.

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