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    What up, it's Prince (for those who know me), and I'm here to draw attention to our chat. It's right there, it says "Join the chat!" it says "Enter the Arena (Chat)" feel free to join, not long ago, we made an effort to bring it back to life, and while it has had it's bursts of life, it hasn't lasted. We have our old users: Bya, X, Ermac, Vap, Metal, ES occasionally, Bog, Riley, and Ridley, but it's not often. So here's what I really wanted to say. If you're new and you edit here, then stop by, we love to have new users, if you don't have an account, make one, and stop by, like I said, we love to have new users, and if you're here from the past and you don't know how it would be to join, then just join. We made an effort to bring it back a…

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  • The Last Paladin

    So, hi, I'm The Last Paladin (pretty obvious), anyway, I'm here to speak about my ban and my recent behaviour, lately I've been acting like an asshole, and it took my dumbass to get banned to realize that. It wasn't only that, I've been giving attitude. And I realized I may have pissed people off and made them sad, so I am here, right now. I'd like to apologize (still take the ban though) to the following users: Metallicakid, Emperor Scorpion, Byakuya600, Xperia, Ermacpunk15, SkarletScarab and several other users (sorry if I fogot to list you). I realize now that the ban was the only thing I deserved and I accept it. I was warned before that if it happened again and I refused to listen, I'm sure Byakuya600, Xperia, and Ermacpunk15 don't wa…

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  • The Last Paladin

    As we all expect for a MK 10 game to be announce and released (hopefully. finger crossed.) I thought I might as well share my wish list and idea of what will the story will be.

    Story characters: 

    1. Raiden (main protagonist considering Liu Kang is dead)

    2. Shinnok (main antogonist because the end of mk 9 leads me to believe this)

    3. Quan Chi (Shinnok's apprentice and will do most of the fighting for him)

    4. Hydro (protagonist)

    6. Fujin (protagonist considering he's Raiden's partner/friend)

    7. Reiko (antagonist as general of Shinnok's army)

    8. Motaro (antagonist)

    9. Cyber Smoke (yeah I know that I said I didn't want Cyber Sub Zero but I liked Cyber Smoke in MK3)

    10. Rain (maybe as a fighter for Shinnok)

    11. Kenshi

    12. Skarlet

    Playable characters (only f…

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