So, hi, I'm The Last Paladin (pretty obvious), anyway, I'm here to speak about my ban and my recent behaviour, lately I've been acting like an asshole, and it took my dumbass to get banned to realize that. It wasn't only that, I've been giving attitude. And I realized I may have pissed people off and made them sad, so I am here, right now. I'd like to apologize (still take the ban though) to the following users: Metallicakid, Emperor Scorpion, Byakuya600, Xperia, Ermacpunk15, SkarletScarab and several other users (sorry if I fogot to list you). I realize now that the ban was the only thing I deserved and I accept it. I was warned before that if it happened again and I refused to listen, I'm sure Byakuya600, Xperia, and Ermacpunk15 don't want this apology because they probably don't even know why, it's for not listening when you guys warned me. I realize now that my anger has gotten the best of me over the last week or so and I fully accept this ban. I made this because there's no other way to apology as quick as possible.

I know my actions have made people feel bad or mad or even sad @new users mainly, and I've had feelings on my actions as well, I've realized this isn't really me, these normal users know that, and really, it's not like me. I'm not an asshole, I just look stupid trying to get some laughs, i don't act like an asshole. But I've never realized that this affects the wiki as well, that's not good, I know we're in a time of rebuilding and I'm not helping one bit, so, from here on out starting on tuesday (or whenever I join since I'm starting school on tuesday), I will leave these new users a good impression on the wiki and it's users because these other users aren't like how I have been and they want the new users and I have forgotten of their efforts to revive this wiki, I don't want to be the reason these guys put all this work in for nothing.

Thank you guys if you took the time to read. I'll see you all on tuesday.

Your pal,


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