As we all expect for a MK 10 game to be announce and released (hopefully. finger crossed.) I thought I might as well share my wish list and idea of what will the story will be.

Story characters: 

1. Raiden (main protagonist considering Liu Kang is dead)

2. Shinnok (main antogonist because the end of mk 9 leads me to believe this)

3. Quan Chi (Shinnok's apprentice and will do most of the fighting for him)

4. Hydro (protagonist)

6. Fujin (protagonist considering he's Raiden's partner/friend)

7. Reiko (antagonist as general of Shinnok's army)

8. Motaro (antagonist)

9. Cyber Smoke (yeah I know that I said I didn't want Cyber Sub Zero but I liked Cyber Smoke in MK3)

10. Rain (maybe as a fighter for Shinnok)

11. Kenshi

12. Skarlet

Playable characters (only for fighting and arcade, not for story)


1. Sub Zero

2. Scorpion

3. Ermac

4. Reptile

5. Rain

6. Tremor

7. Noob

8. Human Smoke

9. Hydro


1. Cyrax

2. Sektor

3. Smoke

4. Cyber Hydro

Female Fighters:

1. Kitana

2. Mileena

3. Jade

4. Skarlet

5. Sonya Blade

6. Sheeva


1. Liu Kang

2. Kung Lao

3: Johnny Cage

4: Stryker

5: Kabal

6. Raiden

7. Fujin


1. Quan Chi

2. Reiko

Let me know what you guys think about this, Thanks for reading!

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