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  • The Nemesisx

    Ok this was something ive been pondering about awhile ago and im curious to see if anybody else has the same opinions as to what will become of Noob Saibot in MK10.

    In MK9 we all watched as Noob Saibot was thrown into the Soulnado which utterly destroyed him and the soulnado as well, but what if he gets reborn. Now hear me out on this, seeing as he is a wraith and was thrown into something as pure (if soulnado's could be classed as a pure vortex lol) as the soulnado actually creates an opposite effect on him, his soul being freed of corruption and granting him a new life, Noob Saibot returns as Sub Zero.

    That was we can now have both Cyber Sub Zero and Classic Sub Zero, with the older brother's revival he can team up with the Earthrealm warr…

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  • The Nemesisx

    KAK- Dracornia

    October 23, 2011 by The Nemesisx

    • Mortal Kombat (2011): "Born in Earthrealm, Dracornia was unaware of his past, all his life he had lived in the shadows trying to figure out who or what he is, eventually Shang Tsung offers Dracornia the chance to learn his history and about his hertiage so long as he fights in the Mortal Kombat Tournaments for Outrworld. Dracornia will do anything it takes so long has he can finaly get the answers he has been searching for his whole life."

    Dracornia wears the ancient dragon armour of the dragon people, it was a relic that was worn by the most powerfull dragon to exist, the armour is gold and shares many similarites to the Gothic Plate Amour that Knights wore dueing the medievil ages, the helmet is desgined to look more like a dragon's head a…

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  • The Nemesisx

    Ok now i have spoekn with a couple of the users here who do agree with me about this but lets see what the rest of you guys think. Ok now the video that says Lanius Speech shows how he talks and his personality and so on and the Video that says Lanius Battle shows how he fights, have a look at both and then make your comments below. No i know the battle video is not much but if he was in the MK9 game they could give him actually kombos, a move set and so on plus Lanius also knows how to fight unarm it just does not show it in the video.

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  • The Nemesisx

    Ok well we all know the 6 primary antagonist in the MK universe is Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn, Shinnok, Quan Chi, Onaga and Daegon. I decied to create this blog to find out who here belives is the most evil and the worst threat towards the forces of light. For me its Shinnok, Shinnok shows that even an elder god can become corrupt and try to rule the realms for himself and the fact that he tends to bring destruction through manipulation and deciet rather than brute force shows that he is a force to be wreckoned with, even dueing MKA he has somehow been the one man to bring about the apocalypse and in MK4 he waited till Kahn was finnished and Edenia was weakened so he could make his move, if Quan Chi had give him the real amulet he would have s…

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  • The Nemesisx

    Ok now if i was able to pick guest characters for either Mk9 or the new Mk game then it would be these three below.

    PS3- Devil from tekken 2

    Xbox360- Skorge from gears of war 2

    Both consoles- Lanius Legate from Fallout New Vegas

    im a fan of those three games, lanius may be from a diffrent style game but he is a brutal warrior and a savage, i always felt like he would be an interesting character in Mortal kombat

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