Hi guys, i decided to create this blog to share my thoughts on what songs would suit the Mk characters of MK9. Below is a list of songs i use for each character when ever i do a play through.

Scorpion- Burn to Burn by Static-X

Lui Kang- Faint by Linkin Park

Kung Lao- Nobody's Listening by Linkin Park

Sub Zero- Trapped Under Ice by Metallica

Sindel- Serpentine by Disturbed

Ermac- Stupify by Disturbed

Reptile- Reptile by Static-X

Kitana- Beautiful by Sevendust

Johnny Cage- Got The Life by Korn

Jade- Facade by Disturbed

Mileena- Looks That Kill by Static-X

Nightwolf- Run To The Hills by Iron Maiden

Cyrax- Terminator by Sevendust

Noob Saibot/Elder Sub Zero- Cold by Static-X

Smoke- Breathe by Static-X

Sektor- Obsolete by Fear Factory

Sonya Blade- Don't Tread on Me by Metallica

Jax- Strong Arm Broken by Sevendust

Kano- Criminal by Disturbed

Stryker- Peace Sells by Megadeth

Shang Tsung- The Conjuring by Megadeth

Baraka- Cuts You Up by Static-X

Kabal- Wipe The Tears by Machine Head

Raiden- Ride The Lightning by Metallica

Sheeva- Ugly by Sevendust

Quan Chi- Leper Messiah by Metallica

Cyber Sub Zero- Linchpin by Fear Factory (originally Descent by Fear Factory)

Skarlet- Raining Blood by Slayer

Rain- All In Wait by Static-X

Kenshi- Blind by Korn

Freddy Krugear- Enter Sandman by Metallica (Orginally All Nightmare Long by Metallica)

Kratos- Bled For Days by Static-X

Ive also included the non playable characters for the songs i play when i fight them.

Goro- Ten Thousand Fist by Disturbed

Kintaro- The Animal by Disturbed

Shao Kahn- King of Kings by Motorhead (orignally it was The Judas Kiss by Metallica)

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